Establish has a long track-record within supply chain designThe case studies below are just a few examples of achievements from Establish supply chain consultants together with clients.



Global Network Modeling Semiconductors

Optimization of a global distribution network for semiconductors
that reduced the supply chain costs by 20%.

Network Design Household Goods

A case study about how a distribution network optimization saved 10% in logistics costs and improved customer service for a household goods manufacturer.

Network Modeling Pharma

Read about how Establish helped two merged pharmaceutical companies create a consolidated distribution network to save costs and improve the delivery service.

Global Network Validation Safety Equipment

Evaluation and improvements of a global distribution network strategy for a US manufacturer of safety equipment.

Network design for a shoe company

A breakthrough and highly successful new design for footwear, created a need for a new distribution structure. The case study tells about how Establish helped setting up the new distribution.

Supply chain strategy – Consumer electronics

A client case study from a consumer electronics company from where Establish performed a detailed benchmarking with competitors to changed transportation concept and a reconfiguration of the client’s distribution network.

Supply chain analysis consumer electronics

Read about how Establish helped a manufacturer of consumer electronics reduce the transporation costs by benchmarking, negotiations and optimization of the distribution network