The 3PL selection and implementation services cover:

  • Outsourcing of warehouse and fulfillment operations

  • Evaluating insourcing versus outsourcing

  • Improving and re-negotiating existing 3PL relationships

  • Identifying, tendering, negotiating and implementing new 3PL providers


Our warehouse consultants work with our clients to customize the project objectives, but typically, the main objectives are:

To Provide Expertise

  • The primary objective is to provide expertise in finding the provider that will successfully run your warehouse operations.

To Help Determine What's the Right Choice for You

  • Outsourcing could be a great option for your company, and we work with you to determine if a 3PL is the right choice and why.

To Find Suitable Partners

  • The key to every 3PL search is to find providers who fit your needs and requirements and are a good relationship fit.


  • The end goal is to successfully outsource your distribution to the best 3PL to improve efficiency and flexibility. 


Every project is different, but the six main typical deliverables go from initial determination through the transition.

1. The Correct Path

A detailed evaluation of whether outsourcing is the right decision for you, and why.

2. Current State Evaluation

An cost and service assessment of your existing providers and an analysis of what geographical location to target.

3. 3PL Identification

Market identification of 3PLs with the capabilities and requirements to run your distribution successfully.

4. Strategy

A developed strategy for negotiating with selected providers and assistance in negotiations.

5. Final Selection

An evaluation of all potential 3PLs and selection of the best option, with supporting documentation.

6. Implementation

A planned transition from current state, whether existing 3PL or in-house, to the new 3PL and management of the process.



The Establish Way


Our experience and background lends us great credence in 3PL searches:

Market Knowledge and Experience

Our extensive background in dealing with 3PLs means we have a good working relationship with almost every 3PL in the country and we are familiar with their operations and service offerings.

Warehousing and Supply Chain Experience

Our experience from completing almost 1,000 warehouse improvement, redesign and design projects provides us with a unique advantage when outsourcing.

Bid Management Experience

Our tools, resources and methodologies from our deep experience in the tendering process ensures a seamless, productive undertaking.

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