Establish has the experience, expertise and tools to negotiate both

  • FTL, Full Truck Loads

  • LTL, Less than Truck Loads


Establish can help you reduce your road freight costs significantly while securing consistent and competitive shipping service to your customers.

  • Reduce transportation rates

  • Optimize mode selection

  • Improve service level and transit time


Every project is different, but typically, the five main deliverables are:

1. Initial Benchmark

An estimate of potential savings to set targets for the negotiation.

2. Negotiation Strategy

A negotiation strategy for new rates for your transportation requirements.

3. Scenario Simulation

What-if analyses when developing strategies and during negotiation.

4. Response Matrix

A matrix of all carrier responses from the RFP process with total costs.

5. Quantified New Costs

A quantified new transportation spend after finalizing the contracts and the delta vs. current speed. 


The Establish Way

Establish has unique qualifications within transportation consulting services:


Establish has a long and hands-on experience in the transportation market and has specified and negotiated billions of dollars worth of freight.


Evaluation tools to ensure that the freight spend is focusing on the areas where it matters the most and that proposals from different carriers can be compared according to what is important for you.


Ability to benchmark what the best rates for the transportation you buy should be. This is done from historical data or through the present market situation.


Establish will help you with implementation of the new transportation system as well as follow-up.


For more information on our transportation consulting services and how Establish can help your company design or optimize your transport system that enables efficient and effective delivery of products to your customers, send us an email or call us.

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