Our warehouse operations consultants review and develop operations improvement opportunities in warehouse/distribution center operations to provide maximum service to your customers while minimizing costs.

The scope typically includes warehouse operations but also manufacturing and assembling and other value added services.


Results from Establish’s warehouse operations improvement consulting projects typically include increased productivity and throughput which:

  • Reduces warehouse handling costs

  • Increases capacity

  • Improve customer service levels


1. Action List and Business Cases for Improvements

An action list to prioritize improvements and their business cases.

2. Productivity Standards and KPIs

A benchmark of the current operation versus productivity standards and the determination of what KPIs to track and use.

3. Improved Layout Design

A new physical layout design with improvements in capacity, flow and productivity.

4. Benchmarking of Operations and Costs Against our Supply Chain Best Practices


Our Best Practices were developed with General Electric Co. (GE) to benchmark their 72 divisions and are updated continuously based on our supply chain experience and advances in technology.


We provide a high-level scorecard by practice (example to the left), in addition to a detailed audit by individual process, so you can see where your opportunities within logistics are. 

5. Improved Processes

Maps of your processes to illustrate our understanding and identify improvement areas.

Improvement Areas

  • Process inefficiencies

  • Redundancies 

  • Excessive travel time

  • Deadhead travel time

  • Excessive operator decision-making

  • Lack of planning

  • Automation

  • Streamlining processes

  • Changing pick strategy

  • Material handling equipment

  • Storage configuration



The Establish Way


Establish has over 40 years of experience auditing and improving operations across virtually every industry.  Our roster of satisfied clients ranges from $9 million firms to companies with revenues in excess of $90 billion.


We don’t sell any equipment or software and we are not trying to make the project into something else. We are supply chain consultants only, which guarantees that you get the best solution for you.

Established tools and methods

Establish Supply Chain Best Practices and Establish Davis Database of Logistics Costs are unique. Along with other state-of-the-art tools, they put Establish in a great position to systematically improve your operations.

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