The selection of the best location for a new geographical site with the prerequisites of the most practical solution. 

The scope can vary depending on how far the client has come in the process. Every step from evaluating a shortlist of potential facilities to determining the logistics network with several locations and the specification for each geographical location, functionally and size.


To deliver a recommendation on the location of a plant or distribution center within its current region considering, among others, the following factors:

  • Land availability
  • Availability of appropriate buildings or 3PLs

  • Local tax environment

  • Proximity to highways

  • Proximity to major customers

  • Labor availability, quality and costs
  • Environmental issues

  • Carrier availability

  • Rail access/airport access

  • Proximity to vendors/raw materials


1. Site Recommendation

Recommendation of specific facility or region for the ideal location.

2. Design of operation and layout for the owned facility

Design and layout for existing building or the specifications for a facility search.

3. Tendering of 3PL services for outsourced logistics

Specification of requirements, search and negotiations for 3PL providers.

4. Project Management

Establish can help you to successfully move to the new location.


The Establish Way

Establish is well suited for site selection consulting:


We have the knowledge of important decision factors and hands-on experience in the logistics market.

Logistics Expertise

The site location is to a large degree based on making the new site work in the real world, every day. To do this, you need to have deep expertise in logistics.


Establish can help you implement the changes by procuring the freight providers for the new lanes, designing the owned operations for new distribution centers, and/or if needed, tender 3rd party providers (3PLs).

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