Manage the specification and selection process as well as the process developments needed to gain the benefits from new support systems.


  • Determine which support systems that would benefit the operations.

  • Select and negotiate the best vendor for the chosen support system.

  • Improve the processes to realize the benefits made possible.


Every project is different, but typically, the four main deliverables are:

1. Business case for acquisition of a specific support system

Quantified and qualitative evaluation of whether a support system is justifiable.

2. RFQ specifications and documentations

Detailed requirements and format to ensure that all functionalities are covered and comparable.

3. Managed RFQ process

Preparing RFQ, distributing, answering questions, managing additions or changes, evaluating.

4. Improved business processes

Developing new processes to leverage the benefits of a new support system.


  The Establish Way  ™

The Establish Way

  • Establish is totally unbiased

  • Expertise coming from the supply chain operations ensures that the systems support the processes that are best for your supply chain

  • Knowledge about the supply chain support system market ensures the selection of the best systems.


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