Establish can evaluate the feasibility of using a Transportation Management System (TMS) to support your company’s transportation activities, and, if a TMS is feasible, then recommend a system that best supports the transportation activities.

There are many TMS systems in the market place with varying costs and capabilities.  Which one is right for your company?


  • Determine whether a new transportation management system is needed or if the current system can be upgraded to perform at the desired level.

  • Select and negotiate the best vendor for the chosen transportation management system.

  • Improve the processes to realize the systemic benefits.


Every project is different; but typically, the five main deliverables are:

1. Feasibility

An evaluation of potential cost savings resulting from implementation of a TMS.

2. Software Functionality

Detail a matrix of software’s capability aligned to company’s transportation processes.

3. Improvement Opportunities

Quick win non-TMS improvement opportunities as identified during the evaluation.

4. Recommended TMS

Recommend a TMS provider.


The Establish Way

  • Establish is totally unbiased.

  • Expertise coming from the transportation operations ensures that the systems support the processes that are best for your supply chain.

  • Knowledge about the transportation management system market ensures the selection of the best systems.


For more information on our transportation consulting services and how Establish can help your company design or optimize your transport system that enables efficient and effective delivery of products to your customers, send us an email or call us.

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