Warehouse Design and Layout

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Distribution Center / Warehouse Design and Layout Establish’s Warehouse Design and Layout service develops warehouse designs that maximize capacity and desired […]

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Distribution Center / Warehouse Design & Layout

Establish’s Warehouse Design & Layout service develops warehouse designs that maximizes capacity and desired service level at lowest possible cost. The design includes physical layout but also an operations manual to ensure the best possible utilization. Establish can produce an optimal distribution center / warehouse design & layout customized to your specific needs. Our expert warehouse consultants have designed and implemented warehouses/distribution centers for numerous clients in various industries. We can help you optimize your current operation or create a new efficient warehouse/distribution center design.

A warehouse design can include:

  • Improved layouts and operating plans for warehouses/distribution centers; emphasizing materials flow, staffing and equipment.
  • Specifications for material handling and storage equipment, and warehouse/distribution center automation.
  • Analysis and recommended materials handling systems, operations, engineered work standards, and management productivity control systems.
  • The design of new facilities or redesign existing operations.
  • CAD facility designs.
  • Physical layout improvements.
  • A new facility design.
  • A warehouse operations manual.
  • The design of new facilities or the redesign of existing operations based on such factors as ROI/Payback/IRR.
  • Develop a time-phased implementation plan.


Why Establish

  • Experience

Our expert warehousing consultants have designed and implemented warehouses/distribution centers for numerous clients in various industries. Our detailed knowledge in dimensioning and specifying equipment.

  • Tools

Our proficiency in using CAD-tools to produce layouts and drawings.

  • Operations

The design of a warehouse/distribution center includes an operational manual to ensure that the implementation and operations are working.

Warehouse Design & Improvements: Tools & Methods

Within warehouse design and improvements we are using the state of the art tools and methods. Below you will find some of the more important tools.

Logistics Best Practice Analysis

Evaluate your logistics processes and routines compared to the best practices collected from a vast pool of companies. Establish utilizes a structured and detailed method to identify the biggest potentials for improvements in your supply chain. It’s a gap analysis telling you not only what to do but how to improve your logistics Establish’s logistics Best Practices have been developed from the firm’s supply/demand chain practice for use in conducting audits and benchmarks and for use in client self-appraisal programs. Our “Guidelines to Best Practice” are used to compare functional activities (customer service, transportation, warehousing, manufacturing/distribution, inventory management, sourcing/procurement, etc.) to global best practice and define “gaps” and suggest actions to move to best practice.


Quantified and descriptive reports on how well your logistics processes measure up towards the global best practices and how you can get your operations to be best in class.

Why Establish

    • A unique and proprietary methodology and structure for best practices within logistics developed together with GE.
    • Best practices from a vast number of companies on a global basis.
    • Experience and knowledge to evaluate your operations.


Get going

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Warehouse Design & Improvements: Case Studies

Establish have a long track-record within warehouse design and improvementsThe case studies below are just a few examples of achievements from Establish supply chain consultants together with clients within warehouse design and improvements.

Facility Design automotive spare parts

A case study from an automotive manufacturer who needed a new facility for warranty spare parts. From developing and evaluating three strategically different solutions, sizing and designing the layout all the way through to the implementation and start up on time and budget Read more here.

Warehouse Redesign and Improvements for a Leading Building and Construction Material Distributor

Establish assisted a leading building and construction material distributor by redesigning their over-capacity warehouse, improving internal processes and quantifying the return on investment.   Read more here.

Third party logistics (3PL): Search and Selection

How Establish helped a multinational animal healthcare provider consolidate its distribution is a good example of 3PL search and selection Read more here.