Case Studies

Demand Chain Leadership – a few examples

A case study from several client cases to share some real examples of what demand chain management means.                                                       

Inventory Management

Improvements of the inventory management for a manufacturer of computer devices. Best practices, organizational improvements and operational processes.        

Corporate Strategy

The challenge was to increase the valuation of the firm. The solution was to merge acquired units into one company.                                                               

Global Conglomerate     

A media company where the customer demand decides the supply chain structure.                 

Quick-Fix Payoff                                                                                                 

Quick fixes to adjust the inventory to the right level.           

Pharmaceuticals distribution structure        

The evaluation of a consolidation of distribution centers.

The Customer's Voice: Food Processing Company

Case study on improvements based on customer surveys.

Distribution Network Optimization For A Major Pharmaceutical Company

Optimization of several independent distribution networks individually and consolidated. A case study in supply chain management for a major pharmaceutical company.

Network Modeling For Pharma                             

Read about how Establish helped two merged pharmaceutical companies create a consolidated distribution network to save costs and improve the delivery service.

Supply Chain Improvements - Medical      

A case study that talks about reducing the cycle time in the supply chain by 50% for a medical equipments.                                                                  

Operational Efficiency 

Substantial improvements in the operational efficiency for a tire manufacturer and distributor. An example of an hands-on approach to improving operational processes.

Global Network Modeling For Semiconductors

Optimization of a global distribution network for semiconductors that reduced the supply chain costs by 20%.

Investing to Improve        

A synthesized case study on the development of logistics and what hands-on effects this would give on an operation.

Customer Service Improvement -Controlling the Costs       

A change driven by customer service where the costs are adjusted afterwards.

Network Optimization After An Acquisition         

Consumer goods company consolidates after acquisition.         

The Customer's Voice: Battery Manufacturer      

Case Study on improvements based on customer surveys.

Network Design For Household Goods                                                     

A case study about how a distribution network optimization saved 10% in logistics costs and improved customer service for a household goods manufacturer.   

Network Design For A Shoe Company                      

A breakthrough and highly successful new design for footwear, created a need for a new distribution structure. The case study tells about how Establish helped setting up the new distribution.

Supply Chain Strategy – Consumer Electronics      

Establish performed a detailed benchmarking with competitors to change transportation concept and reconfigure the client’s distribution network.

Procurement FMCG

A case study about how Establish improved the procurement function at a consumer goods manufacturer.                                                                                                 

Worldwide Distribution  

A very complex global supply chain where uniform information handling became the key to efficiency.                                                                                     

The impact of business change

Explaining Supply Chain Management, it's virtues and practical implications.                 

Consolidation of product lines from many production sites into fewer shipments     

Longer transit time but improved customer service.                        

The Customer Is Right - Results From A Typical Survey

An example of the customer perception being better than the management's.

The Customer's Voice: Electrical devices              

Case study on improvements based on customer surveys.

Global Network Validation For Safety Equipment                                                                 

Evaluation And Improvements Of A Global Distribution Network Strategy For A US Manufacturer Of Safety Equipment.