The logistics cost and service benchmark will be tailored to your needs. We will find the relevant companies to benchmark against, get them to participate and develop the benchmark in relevant areas.

The most common benchmarks are with direct competitors and on a detailed level.


  • Establish target cost and service levels
  • Learn from the best in class

  • Improve operations


1. Specific benchmarks

You decide which KPIs to benchmark.

2. Benchmark with the really interesting companies

Establish invites the most comparable and best companies. The methodology still ensures the confidentiality.

3. Industry wide benchmarks

Providing the most value since it is really comparable.


Level 1: Initial Comparison

The study will provide you with an apples-to-apples comparison against general industry characteristics in five functional areas (transportation, warehousing, customer service/order entry, inventory carrying and administration). Level 1 benchmarks are provided by Establish free of charge.

Level 2: Specific Industry Comparison

Establish can compare your company’s characteristics to specific industries. Your comparison will provide high-level detail on your company versus specific industries in the same five functional areas as a LEVEL I.

Level 3: Customized Comparison

Establish will gather data from competitors and like companies in the industry. Comparisons will still be to group characteristics to protect confidentiality of participants.

Level 4: Detailed Comparison

Detailed comparison adds additional levels of detail to the comparison. Additional details may include additional metrics, or comparisons by market channel or product level.

Level 5: Industry-Wide Comparison

The final level of customized benchmarks for industrial trade organizations and their memberships. Establish will develop specific industry-wide benchmarks for the client. This study may include multiple sub-vertical groups within an entire industry.

  • Expertise in supply chain management and logistics secure that the right questions are asked and that the relevant measurements are used

  • Expertise in benchmarking. Establish has performed logistics benchmarking since the 1970s.

  • Establish can provide the comfort of confidentiality and data security needed to entice the right companies to participate in a benchmark.

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Why establish?

Establish Profitability Navigator™

Proprietary software for deep and unique supply chain analytics.


Establish Davis Database of Logistics Costs and Services™

North America's longest running benchmarking database of logistics costs and services.


Establish Guidelines to Logistics Best Practices™

Tool for auditing supply chain operations.

Establish has a long track-record within benchmarkingThe case studies below are just a few examples of achievements from Establish supply chain consultants together with clients within benchmarking.



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