Supply Chain Audit         

A Supply Chain Audit covers processes compared to Establish's "Logistics Best Practices" as well as performance in costs, efficiency and service levels in quantitative and qualitative analyses.

Establish Davis Database

The Establish Davis Logistics Cost and Service Database is an ongoing annual survey that manufacturers, distributors and retailers participate for free to receive a customized benchmarking report of logistics costs and service.

Profitability analytics

Our Profitability Navigator adds the intelligence to big data by leveraging techniques and algorithms based on 40 years experience from operations to allocate costs and revenues to the right entities. 

Supply chain analytics   

Establish’s Supply Chain Analytics is a fact based opportunity analysis and profiling of the most important supply chain functions.                                                                                             

Customized benchmarks

The logistics cost and service benchmark will be tailored to your needs. We will find the relevant companies to benchmark against, get them to participate and develop the benchmark in relevant areas.