The Establish Davis Logistics Cost and Service Database

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The Establish Davis Logistics Cost and Service Database is an ongoing annual survey that manufacturers, distributors and retailers participate in to receive a customized benchmarking report of logistics cost and service.

The Database is:

  • Free of charge
  • Confidential
  • Comparisons with companies with the same attributes
  • A good start for finding out where the areas for improvement within the logistics are
  • Easy, on-line, participation with personal help from our consultants if needed.


The benchmark covers the main logistics cost elements as well as service levels.

The Database is an internationally recognized source of logistics cost and service information. The findings are presented annually at the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Annual Global Conference. The latest presentation at the annual global conference is available here: Establish Davis Logistics Cost and Service Presentation 2013a

Participation in the Database is free and confidentiality is assured – we will not report that your company is a participant and we will not share your data with anyone (except as part of group averages your data may be included in). We will provide you with a customized report comparing your cost and service against similar and competitive companies.



  • Key logistics cost elements and service levels
  • Comparison with companies with same product value, size and within the same industry
  • A comprehensive report of the benchmark
  • A presentation of the findings and how to interpret them



Why Establish

  • The largest database of logistics costs and services ensures the most accurate benchmark
  • Possibility to go deeper with customized benchmarks
  • Help from experienced consultants to review and use the results


Participate – How Does Your Company Compare?

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Sample Logistics Cost and Service Comparison


Benchmarking: Tools & Methods

Within benchmarking we are using the state of the art tools and methods. Below you will find some of the more important tools.


Establish Davis Database

Copyright ©2013 Establish, Inc.

The Establish Davis Logistics Cost and Services Database includes over 30 years of data describing logistics cost levels, customer service performance, productivity, and operating ratios. It is used by hundreds of companies to compare operations to industry profiles.

Logistics Best Practice

Developed in the mid 1980’s when working with General Electric Co. (GE) to benchmark the practices of 72 divisions and updated continuously based on our experience in the industry and advances in technology, our Supply Chain BEST PRACTICES are used to compare a company’s functional practices to the global best practices, define “gaps” and then suggest actions to move to the best practice. Our BEST PRACTICES extends to all supply chain functions (customer service, transportation, warehousing, manufacturing/distribution, inventory management, sourcing/procurement, etc.).

Benchmarking: Case Studies

Establish have a long track-record within benchmarkingThe case studies below are just a few examples of achievements from Establish supply chain consultants together with clients within benchmarking.

For a complete list of published case studies, click


Supply Chain Analysis – Consumer Electronics

Read about how Establish helped a manufacturer of consumer electronics reduce the transporation costs by benchmarking, negotiations and optimization of the distribution network

Read more here.


Publications and Downloads

Infographic of 2013 Logistics Cost and Service Database Findings

Logistics Cost and Service Presentation – 2013

Logistics Cost and Service Presentation – 2012

Logistics Cost and Service Presentation – 2011 – presented at the 2011 Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals conference in Philadelphia

Note: Don’t miss our presentation of Establish Davis Database 2013 at CSCMP Annual Global Conference. October 20-23, 2013 in Colorado.