The apparel and footwear industries are more about logistics than most other industries. The fast changing fashion trends and hard competition makes the supply chain management a possible competitive advantage. Establish is proud to work with many of the most trusted brands in the industry.

From a supply chain management perspective there are many aspects of the apparel and footwear industry that are challenging and that requires expertise. The complex and global supply chains combined with the demand for quick and accurate deliveries generate focus on supply chain network design. Improving the warehouse efficiency is another key factor due to the industry’s labor-intense nature.

Establish can offer insights to the logistics and supply chain within the apparel and footwear industry not only from the many assignments but also from managerial experience within the apparel and footwear industry.

In the competitive landscape with a demand for cost control and efficient logistics Establish’s supply chain consultants often use the Establish Davis Database for logistics cost and services for the industry specific comparisons. This gives a good benchmark of where the costs should be and what it would take to be competitive in the apparel and footwear industries.

Read more about supply chain management in apparel and footwear in our case studies.

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Neema Clothing, Ltd.


Peregrine Outfitters, Inc.



Shalom International Corp.

Shuford Mills, Inc.

The Rockport Company

Vibram USA

WM Connors Footwear

Aramark Uniform Company

ARCO Textile

Brooks Brothers

Capital Mercury Shirt Company

Connors White Mountain Footware

Converse, Inc.


Gerson & Gerson, Inc.

Kellwood Co.

Levis Strauss & Co.

Case studies

Network Design for a Shoe Company

A case study about how a distribution network optimization saved 10% in logistics costs and improved customer service for a household goods manufacturer.

Demand Chain Leadership Examples

A case study from several client cases to share some real examples of what demand chain management means.