Supply Chain Network Design

Supply chain network design, also known as supply chain network optimization, refers to the optimization of sourcing locations, manufacturing and warehouses/distribution centers, or footprint and flows of physical goods.                                                                                                                                             

Supply Chain Support Systems

The Supply chain support systems covered include Warehouse Management Systems, Transportation Management System, Inventory Management Systems, bar coding and RFID. We manage the specification and selection process as well as the process developments needed to gain the benefits from new support systems.

Distribution Network Design

Distribution Network Design is sometimes referred to as Logistics Network Design or Distribution Network Optimization. The scope covers the footprint and flows for distribution of finished goods from manufacturing and suppliers to customers. We can help you locate facilities such as distribution centers, fulfillment centers, or warehouses.

Site Selection

Our site selection service includes the identification of the best location for a new geographical site with the prerequisites for the most practical solution.