Establish’s Supply Chain Analytics is a fact based opportunity analysis and profiling of the most important supply chain functions.


  • Find where the quantified potential cost reductions and improvements of your supply chain may be found.

  • The Supply Chain Analysis provides an analytical base for building an action plan for implementation in-house or with the assistance from Establish Supply Chain Management Consultants.


The Supply Chain Analytics package includes:

1. Profiling and behavior for customers, assortment and suppliers. How this affects the requirements on the logistics and how you can prioritize your efforts within the supply chain management.

2. Attributes and correlation to revenues and profitability. What is it that drives revenues and profitability? Which products to focus on, where are the costs so high that there is no profit margin left? Which suppliers don’t add any value?

3. Target inventory to fulfill required service levels. How and where to adjust the inventory levels? How to free up tied-up capital?

4. Internal benchmarking of important logistics KPIs. Will identify best in class performance and it is a great place to start the improvement work within the supply chain.

5. External benchmarking with relevant companies of some of the logistics KPIs based on Establish Davis Database for Logistics Costs and Services – the longest running logistics benchmarking database.


The Establish Way  ™

The Establish Way

Establish Supply Chain Analytics offers:

  • A unique analytical package for the supply chain and logistics that gives you all the facts you need.

  • Benchmarking capabilities.

  • Expertise in analytics and supply chain management based on more than 1000 assignments.

  • Supply Chain Analytics as the data-driven part of a supply chain consulting project to get a headstart on improving the logistics or as a free-standing analytical package for DIY.

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Why establish?

Establish Profitability Navigator™

Proprietary software for deep and unique supply chain analytics.


Establish Davis Database of Logistics Costs and Services™

North America's longest running benchmarking database of logistics costs and services.


Establish Guidelines to Logistics Best Practices™

Tool for auditing supply chain operations.

Establish has a long track-record within business analyticsThe case studies below are just a few examples of achievements from Establish supply chain consultants together with clients within business analytics.



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