Supply Chain Consulting for consumer products is of course about reducing costs but the other side of supply chain management is more important than ever in the consumer goods industry.The ability to deliver accurately and timely with short notice is a competitive area that successful companies must excel in. The pressure on costs just increases the challenge.

To create an optimized distribution network is a constant challenge due to expansions into new markets or contracts with new retail chains. Both occasions, though positive, can change the centre of gravity and make the current distribution network unfit for desired service levels . The flip side is that the potential savings often are very rewarding.

A high accuracy in delivery time and quantity is a prerequisite for being accepted as a supplier to many retail chains. This does raise the bar for freight purchasing to get the right quality and not just the right prices. It is also important to be in control and have full visibility of the deliveries, one solution being a logistics control tower.

Establish Davis Database on logistics cost and service is of great use to the many consumer goods firms that want to know how they perform in the competition within the industry.

Read more about our client successes in the case studies.

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Honeywell Consumer Products Group


Indiana Farm Bureau Cooperative Association

Inter IKEA Systems BV

Inter IKEA Systems SA

Inter IKEA Systems Service AB

Kaufman Brothers

Kay-Bee Toy & Hobby Shops

KF Detaljhandel


Knomark, Inc.

Lander Company, Inc.

Lehn and Fink Products Group

Lexmark International, Inc.

Mapa Spontex

Marnay Sales & Manufacturing

Miles Kimball


Pinnacle Foods

Pulsar Time, Inc.

R&B Incorporated




Salomon/North America, Inc.

Scholastic, Inc.

Sericol, Inc.

Shopko Stores, Inc.

Smith & Wesson Corp.

Sterling Drug

Sundia True Fruit

Swedish Match AB

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Texwipe Co., Inc.

The Emery-Waterhouse Company


The Stanley Works

Thetford Corporation

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World Kitchen, LLC


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Agfa Corporation

Agfoods, Inc.

Agrilink Foods

Alcoa Consumer Products

Amana Home Appliances

American Can Company

American Cyanamid Co.

Binney & Smith, Inc.

Camco, Inc.


Charles of the Ritz Group, Ltd.

Chattem Consumer Products

Chomette Favor

Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

Coleman Co., Inc.

Combe Incorporated

Conair Corporation

Consumers Union

Corning Vitro Corporation

Cosmopolitan Cosmetics

Creative Hairdressers, Inc.

DenTek Oral Care, Inc.

Docktor Pet Centers, Inc.

Dow Consumer Products, Inc.

Dryden Oil Company, Inc.

Eastman Kodak Company

Eberhard Faber, Inc.

Educational Testing Service



Elizabeth Arden Co.


Enlight Interactive

Eveready Battery Company, Inc.

F. E. Myers Co.

Faultless Starch/Bon Ami Co.

Fedders North America, Inc.

First Brands Corporation

Formica Corporation

Foremost Groups, Inc.

General Electric Co.

Graco, Inc.

GUS Home Shopping Ltd

H. George Caspari, Inc.


Case Studies

Network design for household goods

A case study about how a distribution network optimization saved 10% in logistics costs and improved customer service for a household goods manufacturer.

Procurement FMCG

A case study about how Establish improved the procurement function at a consumer goods manufacturer.

Global Distribution Network Validation

Evaluation and improvements of a global distribution network strategy for a US manufacturer of safety equipment.

Supply Chain Optimization

Establish helped a manufacturer of consumer electronics reduce the transportation costs by benchmarking, negotiations and optimization of the distribution network.

Supply Chain Strategy

A client case study from a consumer electronics company from where Establish performed a detailed benchmarking with competitors to changed transportation concept and a reconfiguration of the client’s distribution network

Global Conglomerate

A media company where the customer demand decides the supply chain structure.

Consolidation Of Product Lines From Many Production Sites Into Fewer Shipments

Longer transit time but improved customer service.    

Network Optimization After An Acquisition         

Consumer goods company consolidates after acquisition.  

The Customer Is Right - Results From A Typical Survey

An example of the customer perception being better than the management's.

The Customer's Voice: Food Processing Company

Case study on improvements based on customer surveys

The Customer's Voice: Battery Manufacturer      

Case Study on improvements based on customer surveys.