3 Good Insights from Pharma Supply Chain Consultants

Three good takeaways from leading pharmaceutical supply chain consultants include ensuring product quality in the supply chain, California serialization and pedigree legislation and the re-designing pharma supply chains.


Quality Assurance in pharmaceutical supply chains


Luc Huybreghts gave his opinion on how to ensure product integrity throughout the supply chain of pharmaceutical products, and which pitfalls distributors of pharmaceutical products should look out for. A series of strategies must be considered and deployed in today’s logistics landscape in order to ensure product quality.

Source: http://www.pauwelsconsulting.com/blog/quality-assured/


“ePedigree & Serialization: What You Need to Know NOW for the California 2015 Deadline” by Bill Connell and William McLaury


In this article titled ePedigree & Serialization: What You Need to Know NOW for the California 2015 Deadline, Bill McLaury and Bill Connell discuss how it is clear that California serialization and pedigree legislation will force pharmaceutical manufacturers to initiate and implement a plan of action in 2013 in order to meet the January 1, 2015 deadline. While many large-sized pharma companies appear to be well on their way, smaller and mid-sized virtual pharmaceutical manufacturers need to quickly mobilize resources and ramp up implementation. This article discuss how to begin and components of the roll out.

Source: http://www.pharmamanufacturing.com/articles/2013/022/?page=full


Rethinking the Pharma Supply Chain: New Models for a New Era


The Boston Consulting Group identified four supply-chain models that can lead to optimal performance. This segmented approach to supply chain design is becoming the most effective way for pharma companies to address the challenges and trade-offs they face today.

Source: https://www.bcgperspectives.com/content/articles/biopharma_supply_chain_management_rethinking_pharma_supp