Most Important Supply Chain Analytics Skills

The demand for data analysis skills by supply chain organizations is growing. What are the most important skills needed for performing effective supply chain analytics? “In addition to the technical skills required, supply chain analytics practitioners and supply chain consultants need deep domain knowledge in the industry as well as excellent communication skills.


Business Analytics Among IT Skills Expected to Be in High Demand in 2014


“Computerworld cited analytics expertise as the second-hardest IT skill to find, hinting that the six-figure salaries these professionals command may be worth every penny. Eighteen percent of survey respondents reported that they intend to hire for this critical need in the next year.” Original Source:


Analytics Driven Business Decisions


“Many of the organizations engaged in big data analytics programs report that their programs are increasingly adding advanced capabilities to find patterns in the inherent complexity of multiple data sets and structures. In order to accomplish this, respondents are applying optimization models and advanced analytics towards business process improvement”

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In Big Data Endeavors, Don’t Neglect Softer Business Skills


“But the ability to communicate, relate and navigate throughout an organization—so called “softer skills”—are especially needed to propagate analysis and communicate the impact of data-driven decision-making.”

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Supply Chain Analytics practitioners and supply chain consultants need to have the ability to see the big picture, they must have the technical expertise as well as the operational knowledge and communications skills.