The ongoing transportation management support services include everything that is needed to manage your transportation needs, except driving the trucks.

Ideally, we want to be your own transportation management department.


  • Minimize transportation costs.

  • Maintain the shipping service you promise to your customers.

  • Minimizing problems in your transportation management.

  • Handle any and all problems smoothly and efficiently.


1. Monthly Strategy Review

We generate and review a report of all processed invoices. Every week our client service manager will review your shipment data and reports. This allows us to provide you with specific suggestions to help you to further reduce and manage your freight expense. On a monthly basis, our management team and yours will dive into your company’s shipping KPIs and discuss further opportunities to reduce cost.


2. Carrier Negotiations

Negotiating with carriers is done on an on-going basis. Each year we will meet with company leadership, develop a new strategy/RFP, and issue it to the carrier community. Many times we can avoid any price increase. What we cannot avoid we will mitigate.  We know the freight market well enough to know when to look for better pricing, and when to stay with what we have.


3. Training

Our staff will conduct seminars to inform your buyers, marketing and accounting personnel on the impact freight carriers and costs can have on the bottom line. During these sessions, we will train your staff on logistics best practices.


4. Inbound Routing

We will also work as an in-house logistics department. If a new vendor starts shipping, we will review the vendor, the freight terms, the origin point, the commodity, and the bill of lading. The reasons for that exercise are obvious, but principally, we need to know how to best integrate that vendor into your supply chain. In given cases we may need to look for a carrier for just that one vendor.


5. Technical Audit and Data Capture

We will capture and audit all freight bills to make sure you are being charged the correct amount by your carriers.


6. Online Transportation Portal

We have a cloud based technology solution that helps your team ship products faster, easier, and with greater visibility. The tool provides best in class track and trace, freight optimization, and reporting capabilities.


7. Volume/Expedite Routing

Have a shipment that has to get off the dock after-hours? Does your sales partner sometimes have a valuable order that you need to pick, pack, and ship immediately? Our team will work on your behalf to make sure that shipment gets off the dock as quickly as possible in a cost effective manner.


8. On Call

As members of your team, our staff is always on call to handle any questions, issues, or service problems your team has.


9. Monthly Analytical Reporting 

In today’s complex supply chain world, KPI’s are not one-size-fits-all. We will work with your staff to determine which metrics are most important to the efficiency of your business and work with you to track those on an ongoing basis. During our monthly management review, we will discuss how you’re tracking against the most important metrics for your business and offer solutions for your team to continue to improve.


10. Optimizations

Our operations team spends their days diving into your company’s shipment profile and looking for better ways to ship your inventory.

Establish works for you

  • We are completely unbiased and do not get any compensation or kick-back from anyone else but our customers. And that matters.

We are experts in transportation

  • Our transportation consultants have extensive experience from transportation management. We know the market and have the reputation to get things done

We have the tools needed to be efficient

  • Establish uses Mercury Gate, a leading, transportation management systems so you don’t have to invest in it. We also have other analytical and practical tools to best manage transportation.


For more information on our transportation consulting services and how Establish can help your company design or optimize your transport system that enables efficient and effective delivery of products to your customers, send us an email or call us.

Why establish?

Within transportation management, we are using state of the art tools and methods. Below you will find some of the more important tools.



Mercury Gate (USA)

PrimeLog (Europe)

Supply Chain Guru


Establish Logistics Best Practices™

Establish has a long track-record within transportation management. The case studies below are just a few examples of achievements from Establish supply chain consultants together with clients within transportation management.


Transportation Negotiations

A detailed description of a typical transportation negotiation spend reduction project.

Carrier Negotiations

How much can you save and examples of focus areas for carrier negotiations. Step-by-step case. 

Freight Rate Benchmarking

Freight rate benchmarks as a tool to lower freight costs.

Five Reasons for High Transportation Cost

Practical example about typical areas to focus on for lower transportation costs. 

Lower Transportation Costs With Load Planning

Find out why high transportation rates are not always the root cause of inflated transportation costs.

Supply Chain Strategy - Consumer Electronics

A client case study from a consumer electronics company from where Establish performed a detailed benchmarking with competitors to changed transportation concept and a reconfiguration of the client’s distribution network.

Supply Chain Analysis - Consumer Electronics

Read about how Establish helped a manufacturer of consumer electronics reduce the transportation costs by benchmarking, negotiations and optimization of the distribution network.