Establish manages the feasibility study, creates the system specifications and selects the best WMS. Establish also develops the warehouse processes needed to leverage the benefits from the new WMS. 


  • Determine whether a new warehouse management system is needed or if the current system can be upgraded to the desired level.

  • Select and negotiate the best vendor for the chosen support system.

  • Improve the processes to achieve the improvements from the new WMS.


1. Business Case for Acquisition of a Warehouse Management System

Investments, maintenance and benefits are evaluated in the initial feasibility study.

2. RFQ Specifications and Documentation

Specifications tailored to what you need and want to make the bids comparable and relevant.

3. Managed RFQ Process

Making sure all interested vendors participate in the bid, answering questions, clarifying and comparing the bids.

4. Improved Business Processes

The process improvements to achieve the desired benefits.


The Establish Way  ™

The Establish Way

Independent and Unbiased

Establish’s consultants are unaligned and independent of any support system or integrator.  As such, our unbiased staff will select and recommend a system for your specific needs.

Experience and Expertise

During our 42 year history, our expert consultants have completed more than 2,000 client assignments.  Our highly skilled warehousing staff have designed and implemented warehouses/distribution centers for virtually every industry. Our knowledge of warehouse operations ensures the systems support the processes that are best for your operation.

Market Knowledge

Establish’s knowledge of the warehouse management system market ensures the selection and evaluation of all of the best systems.

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Why establish?

Within warehousing, we are using state of the art tools and methods. Below you will find some of the more important tools.




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