The food industry has very specific requirements and priorities. Hygiene, temperature control, inventory rotation and seasonality are some of the issues that are very accentuated in working with clients in the food industry.

When working with carrier selection & negotiations or 3PL Search it is more challenging to find the specific food class and temperature controlled capacity needed and especially during peak season. This means that we need to know the players well and how to make them prioritize your requirements.

Warehouse design and improvements are different in a process industry than for a case and pallet based industry. We often see more automation, conveyors and continuous flows also in the handling of finished goods. Other things are very similar and experience from other industries can be helpful.

The Distribution Network Design for food companies very often are focusing more on transit time and on Dedicated Fleets than other companies.

Read more about some real client experiences within the food industry in our case studies.

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Case studies

Network Optimization After An Acquisition         

Consumer goods company consolidates after acquisition.

The Customer Is Right - Results From A Typical Survey

An example of the customer perception being better than the management's.

The Customer's Voice: Food Processing Company

Case study on improvements based on customer surveys.