The customers for a supplier of medical equipment may well be very different from most other industries. The focus on logistics or supply chain management is not always on top of your mind if you are a nurse or a doctor and you are there to save lives. At the same time it is easy to understand the implication if a critical part or piece of equipment is late or if a delivery of supplies contains the wrong articles.

The medical equipment industry is very interesting to work in as a logistician. The supply chain management is often focused on added services like vendor managed inventory or delivery to the point-of-use. The high value and high tech products demand special solutions for warehouse design and for transportation solutions.

The supply chain network design is getting increasingly interesting for the medical equipment industry. The many mergers that have been combined with the more complex supply chains has made the need to be located at the right places with the right stock is more important. The mergers and acquisitions naturally increases the need for aligned profitability analytics.

For more detailed information from our client assignments within the medical equipment industry please read our case studies.

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Case Studies

Supply Chain Improvements

This case study discusses the process of reducing the cycle time in the supply chain by 50% for a medical equipments company.

Third party logistics (3PL): Search and Selection

How Establish helped a multinational animal healthcare provider consolidate its distribution is a good example of 3PL search and selection.