Healthcare Supply Chain Trends

What are the top supply chain issues for the healthcare supply chain in 2013 and 2014? In 2013 UPS published a revealing survey focusing on technology. Other sources discuss a heightened focus on cost cutting and logistics efficiency, while undergoing a re-invention and new strategy development.


UPS Survey Reveals 6 Supply Chain Concerns for Healthcare (and other) Executives


New UPS survey highlights supply chain concerns for healthcare executives looking to drive business change & meet business goals – Global Pains Lead to Transformative Strategies. Over the next five years, 84 percent of global healthcare executives will invest in new technologies, according to a recent UPS survey.



Supply chain efficiency trends


Hospitals continue to seek strategies to squeeze more efficiency out of their supply chains. For years, hospitals have been trying to discover new strategies for getting greater efficiencies out of their supply chains. The current trends include: Cost education, Improved collaboration, self-distribution and aggregating data.



Healthcare Supply Chain Costs: A Tough Pill to Swallow


Organizations all along the healthcare supply chain are taking a dose of smarter procurement and logistics practices to cure high costs and treat ailments in other areas of the business. One big issue emerges from the fact that makers of branded pharmaceuticals will soon see patents expire on many of their most successful products. Facing losses as competitors rush in with generic equivalents, pharma companies are looking for alternative ways to boost their earnings, says John Menna, director of strategy for healthcare at UPS.