The industrial equipment industry, be it turbines, motors, welders or something else, has its own set of challenges when it comes to supply chain management. The big investments, longer lead times and the need for special handling equipment adds to the complexity of quick response and flexibility at low cost.

Warehouse design is among the most common assignments within the industrial equipment industry. This could be because of the specific requirements on handling equipments or to the complex production. The layouts are often crucial to ensure a good flow through the facility. Lean supply chain management is another area which is very applicable to the industry and where the efforts pay off quickly.

We find that business analytics and supply chain analytics aren’t traditionally used as much in the B2B industry as for consumer products even though it adds a lot of value when applied. Especially for companies involved in mergers and acquisitions the value of comparing and controlling profitability and its drivers makes all the difference.

The inventory management is more complex in this industry than in other because of the different refinement levels. Raw material, work-in-progress, components, additives, the list could be very long of the different inventory classes to manage. Inventory management and forecasting is therefore more important.

Read more about client successes within the industrial equipment industry in our case studies.

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Case studies

Global Network Validation Safety Equipment

Evaluation and improvements of a global distribution network strategy for a US manufacturer of safety equipment.

Corporate Strategy

The challenge was to increase the valuation of the firm. The solution was to merge acquired units into one company.

Worldwide Distribution  

A very complex global supply chain where uniform information handling became the key to efficiency       

Investing To Improve        

A synthezised case study on the development of logistics and what hands-on effects this would give on an operation